Can I wear Contacts If I work in an Intense Outdoor Environment?

Which Contacts Should I Choose?

Jobs today vary greatly in their intensity. Some individuals work comfortably in an indoor environment, but for those that must be outside, wearing Contacts can sometimes be a challenge. If you are among the many working daily in an intense outdoor environment, you can still enjoy the comforts and convenience of Contacts. You do not have to be a slave to uncomfortable glasses any longer. Here are some Contact styles and brands that fit better with an intense outdoor environment.

Try Disposables

Working outdoors often requires long hours and when coming home from that environment, all you want to do is relax. Multi-Day use Contacts do work well in outdoor environments, but if you find yourself simply needing to stop when you come home, try daily disposables. These lenses do not have to be cleaned nightly and offer the flexibility to simply throw them away when you take them out at the end of the day. The Dailies Total 1 Brand by Alcon-Ciba Vision manufacturer is an excellent Contact Lens to try as it is they are the first daily disposable water gradient Contacts utilizing a silicone core between its inner and outer layers for supreme comfort in the most extreme outdoor environments.

But I Prefer Multi-Day Use Contacts

That is not a problem. The advancements in Contacts today have led to many options for all genres of Contacts wearers. Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly lenses offer can stand up to the rigors or outdoor environments too. However, precautions must be taken to ensure the lenses are cleaned nightly and kept moisturized throughout the day. Multi-Day use lenses are cheaper than daily disposables so if you are under a strict budget, they are a great option. Acuvue Vita Brand, manufactured by Johnson & Johnson tend to fare best in outdoor environments as they are designed with an intense hydrating system that maintains moisture even under the driest of conditions.

Precautions to Take

We have already discussed the necessity of properly cleaning your Contacts nightly, but there are other things to consider as well. If your job requires a lot of sun, you might want to invest in UV protectant Contacts Brands like Acuvue or simply wear sunglasses while on the job to protect your eyes. Also, always keep eye drops handy and cleaning solution at the ready should your eyes feel itchy throughout the day. You can wear Contacts even if you work an intense outdoor career, so never believe you will have to be a slave to the confines of standard glasses.

Lens Experts

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