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Why Buying Contacts Online Can Save You Money

Shopping has greatly changed in the past 30 years since the internet has become a substantial part of daily life. Today, it is estimated that roughly 80% of all shoppers claim shopping online monthly for at least one item. Those numbers are now growing annually as we see more avenues for online shopping to take over areas of the retail industry. We have the opportunity today to purchase an entire wardrobe, groceries, and yes, even our Contact Lenses. If you have yet to buy Contacts online yet, here are just some reasons why buying Contacts online can save you money.

No Retail Markups with Online Shipping

What the average consumer sometimes fails to realize is that much of the money spent on retail merchandise purchased in a physical location is full of retail markups adding to the final purchase price. The same thing is done at physical locations for Doctors, Contacts Retailers and Pharmacies. The establishment must pay for the building, taxes on the space, employees to run to location, and maintenance leading to an increase in costs passed onto the customer.

Online retailers do maintain a physical facility to house merchandise, but warehouses tend to cost less to rent and maintain than physical retail locations. There are still employees, but the workforce is managed with far fewer people to pay a wage. These seemingly small things add up to big savings for the online retailer and their customers.

Direct Purchasing without Middle Man

A big box retail location or Doctors office can act as a middle man between patient, customers and their purchasing their Contacts.  Buying Contacts online from retailers takes out the middle-man mentality, where the big box retailer is still acting between the customer and Contacts wholesalers. With online Contacts Retailers, savings are passed to the patient/customer through discounts given to the online retailer from their wholesale suppliers & due to low cost of doing business.  Basically, with online Contacts Retailers, you can order Contacts with direct & discounted pricing.

Shipping Costs for Online Shopping are Cheaper than Gas Prices

Shopping traditionally for Contacts involves driving from one location to another and also it is time consuming.  That means gas, expenses, and wear and tear on your vehicle and your valuable time is used more. Online Contacts retailers can be contacted from your home rather than going to a physical location which means more money in your pocket and substantially more quality time with your family as shipping costs are often far cheaper than growing gas prices. Buying Contacts online frees up your money as well as your time without compromising on quality Contact lenses.

Lens Experts

When comparing online retailers, you will see that Lens Experts is your best choice since we are Doctor trained, provide top quality Contacts direct from manufacturers with all the top brand options including

1-Day Acuvue Define 90 Pack Contacts (Accent, Natural Shine, Vivid) , Acuvue VITA for Astigmatism Contact Lenses with HydraMax  & Extreme H2O Daily Contact Lenses 90 Pack to choose from.  Lens Experts customer service cares about each order and our goal is 100% accuracy in filling Contacts Prescriptions and are open 24/7.  Also, we have some of the best pricing as well.  Lens Experts is the name to remember when you want affordable Contacts with fast & friendly service.  We house an ever-growing supply of the latest Contacts available for 2019 and beyond giving you access to your favorite brands at impressive prices.  Without a physical retail location allows Lens Exerts to pass the savings onto you and your family. Keep more of your hard-earned money where it belongs, with you instead of with big name retailers. Lens Experts is here for you and all your Contacts needs. Try shopping at Lens Experts for your next Contacts purchase.

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