Daily Disposable Contacts and How They Free Up Your Time


Time is precious and today’s consumers are busier than they ever have been at any point in history. It seems that every portion of the day is taken up and it is vital to find pieces of time where possible. Let your Contacts help free up some time for you with Daily Disposable Contacts. Here are just a few benefits that will help you get more time in your busy day.

No Need to Clean

Cleaning Contacts can take up a lot of time and sometimes, that time is simply not available. If you find yourself strapped for time, daily disposable Contacts do not require cleaning like multi-day use varieties. Daily disposables come in the same high-quality materials styles that you expect from all Contacts, with the convenience of not having to clean the lenses. You will want to have some solution on hand while using daily disposables should the need to clean them arise throughout the day.

Keep a Spare Pair

Dropping a Contact Lens is a common issue and when that happens, it is customary to search endlessly for the lost lens. If you have Daily Disposable Contacts on the other hand, you can take that bit of time back as well. Instead of combing the ground searching for the illusive lens, simply carry a spare with you. It is much easier to simply pull out a new pair than to locate and clean your lost lens. Daily Disposable Contacts can be a big benefit for those that do sports or high intensity activities on a regular basis as these activities can regularly lead to lost Contacts.

Allergy Relief

Have allergies? Many of us do and itchy, red eyes are a common problem during certain times of the year. If you are prone to allergies, Daily Disposable Contacts made by Johnson and Johnson may be able to alleviate much of the uncomfortable problems associated with allergies and Contacts. It is always recommended to carry Contacts friendly eye drops with you during allergy season to alleviate mild discomfort, but if pain persists, simply take out your spare pair and be on your way. Allergens can get stuck between your Contacts and your eye and for those with chronic allergies, Daily Disposables like Acuvue OASYS 1-DAY with HydraLuxe may offer the ideal solution. Talk to your eye doctor about your individual needs and take their advice on this critical decision.

Lens Experts

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