How Technology Has Improved Safety with Contact Lenses

Misconceptions about Contacts are becoming rarer, but there are still individuals out there that refuse to embrace the world of clear, crisp vision without the hassle of contending with glasses. Where some of these misconceptions such as Contacts being uncomfortable, may have been a problem in the past, but today, the technology that goes into every Contact Lens is amazing and has taken away many of the misconceptions people associate with wearing Contacts.

Are Contacts Truly Comfortable?

Yes, today’s Contact lenses are supremely comfortable compared to what they were many decades ago. With every industry, there is a certain learning curve and through consumer feedback and the advancements made with comfort management materials, Contacts have become so comfortable, it is likely you will forget you are wearing them.

Contact lenses are most often comprised of hydrogel material that allows moisture to collect within the lens as well as oxygen to pass to the eye for a remarkably comfortable wearing experience. Comfort is further enhanced with certain Contacts that utilize a thin seemingly invisible edge. This factor allows the Contact to move about the eye without discomfort.

I have Astigmatism so I Cannot Wear Contacts?

This was once true. Due to the nature of Astigmatism, the eye is not completely spherical making it difficult to focus. Halos were also a common problem as light refracts differently when the eye is not completely sphere shaped. Toric lenses have been used with great success to shape the eye correctly for those that have astigmatism. Today, other soft Contact Lens designs are comfortable as well providing the same clear focus ability without the rigid nature of Toric Contacts.

Should I Be Worried That Putting Contacts in My Eyes Can Lead to an Infection?

Fear of Contact lenses is not always contingent upon the Contacts themselves, but the actual act of putting one’s finger in their eye. This, however, should never be a concern as proper inserting and taking out Contacts is not how eyes get an infection. Infection is most often caused by harmful hygiene practices leading to bacteria in the eye. It is important to remember to always wash your hands and clean lenses with actual Contact solution instead of merely tap water.

Using 1 Day daily disposable lenses like Acuvue OASYS 1-DAY with HydraLuxe & Acuvue Oasys 1-Day for Astigmatism by Johnson and Johnson have reduced the likelihood of infections since you throw away the problems each day and put a new clean Contact Lens every day.

With proper hygiene and lens care, the risk of infection is drastically reduced. It is also recommended to maintain eye drops specifically designed for Contacts on hand at all times. If your eyes itch or feel dry these drops can alleviate symptoms temporarily, but if symptoms persist, always contact your eye doctor.

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