How to Alleviate Itchy Eyes while Wearing Contacts

Causes of Itchy & Irritated Eyes

Eye discomfort is nothing new. Although eyelids do a lot to keep dirt and debris from our eyes, but some will ultimately break through the barrier leading to eye discomfort. Wearing Contacts can sometime emphasize these irritations by trapping debris between the lens and eye. Other, internal eye issues can cause a problem for Contacts wearers as well, so if your eyes are itching and you wear Contacts, here are a few things that could be causing it and how to fix the problem.

What Season of the Year is It?

Seasons change and with that comes a change in the weather. Most people feel seasonal allergies in either spring or fall, but they can be a factor during any season. They are often caused by irritants in the air that impact sensitive individuals leading to increase itching and red eyes. When Contacts are worn, the irritants in the air, like debris, can get trapped between lenses and the eye.

For mild allergy and itchy eye relief with Contacts, simply use Contacts friendly eye drops when eyes feel irritated. You may also want to clean lenses more often or even give your eyes a break from your lenses when irritation persists. If, however, relief cannot be found, make an appointment with your eye doctor to rule out a more serious condition.

How Are You Cleaning Your Contacts?

Contact lenses must be cleaned each night if using weekly Disposables like Extreme H2O WEEKLY, bi-weekly like Extreme H2O 54%, or monthly lenses like Extreme H2O 54% TORIC (LC & MC).  Cleaning refreshes the lenses cleaning them thoroughly for next day use. Contact lens solutions are the only way you should be cleaning the lenses as other methods simply add more bacteria. Never run lenses under tap water and do not place lenses in your mouth for the purpose of cleaning them. Good hygiene is vitally important for your comfort and the safety of your eyes while wearing Contacts.

Do You Need a Change?

If you have persistent itchy, red eyes you should probably make an appointment with your eye doctor. They can rule out infections within the eye caused by bacteria and other serious conditions. Sometimes, however, it is simply a matter of upgrading to a different brand of Contacts. If you have tried everything and even met with your doctor, try asking them to recommend a type of Contact lens that is better for Chronic Dry Eye. Contact brands such as Extreme H2O utilize a high intensity moisture barrier that actually moisturizes the eye as you blink leading to less dry eye symptoms.

Lens Experts

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