Overwearing Your Contacts? Here are Some Things That Can Happen

Contacts have allowed countless individuals to be freed of the inconvenience of glasses, but some have taken their Contact comfort to the ultimate level and tend to overwear their lenses. This is a bad habit to get into. The first thing your eye care professional will advise you on when checking your eyes for Contacts is to take the lenses out and give your eyes a break. Overwearing can be a problem and here are just a few things that can happen if you neglect to take your eye doctor’s advice.

Corneal Neovascularization

Eyes are organs and for proper functionality, every organ within the body requires a level of oxygen. Your eyes gain oxygen from the air brought in through blood vessels. Blood vessels within the eye are difficult to see unless under a microscope, but Corneal Neovascularization, caused by overwearing Contacts and depriving the eye of necessary oxygen, causes additional blood vessels to grow within the eye. In this case, more is not a good thing as the additional blood vessels will show in your eye making your eye look unnaturally red and scarred from too many vessels.

Corneal Ulcer

Lack of oxygen to the eye caused by overwearing your Contacts is not simply about additional vessels. Corneal Ulcers can form as well. These things are nothing to play around with and often result in the patient being referred to a cornea specialist. Corneal ulcers are very painful and depending on where the ulcer is located, can obstruct your vision. Patients diagnosed with Corneal ulcers may have to stop using Contacts for a few weeks and allow the ulcer to heal. Most Corneal ulcers are caused by bacteria trapped within the oxygen deprived eye.

Acute Red Eye

Sleeping in Contacts are only recommended for specific Contacts approved by the FDA for wearing while sleeping. Average Contacts do not offer the level of oxygen saturation to the eye these specially designed Contacts do. Those who sleep in their Contacts often wake up with Acute Red Eye. It does not look very attractive and causes your eyes to become irritated and dry from lack of oxygen. Always take Contacts out and place them in solution while sleeping to avoid Acute Red Eye unless your Contacts are approved for extended wear.

Lens Experts values education within the Contact Lens industry and understanding the effects of overwearing your Contacts will improve your comfort level drastically. Where most of the overwearing problems are easily alleviated, there are some instances where symptoms and issue may become permanent.

Two simple ways to reduce the visual and eye health problems that occur with Contacts Overwear:

  1. Discontinue Wearing Lenses Overnight – There really is no need to wear lenses overnight since we do not need contacts while we are sleeping. Leaving lenses in for an extended length of time reduces the oxygen your eye receives, and allergens stay on your lenses for a longer period of time.
  2. Use Daily Wear Disposable Contact Lenses – When you wear daily disposable lenses, they are thrown out at the end of the day which eliminates allergens that deposit on your lenses and allows the maximum oxygen to be available to your eyes to keep them healthy. A few of the best Daily Wear Disposable Contacts include MIRU 1 Day  & SofLens DAILY Disposable.

Take great care of your eyes and always follow your eye care professional’s recommendations for Contacts use and care. Overwearing Contacts can be easy to do as many people are busy throughout the day and may forget to remove the lenses before bedtime, but do not make it a habit. You only get one set of eyes and taking care of them is vital, so treat Contacts and eyes with the respect they deserve. Are you overwearing your Contacts?  If so, consider wearing to top brands of Disposable Daily Wear Contact Lens available at Lens Experts!

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