Practice Good Hygiene with Contact Lenses

Tips for Good Hygiene for Contacts Wearers

Basic hygiene is important for a healthy lifestyle, but basic hygiene routines must be ramped up a bit if you wear Contacts. Bacteria is everywhere and getting it into your eye while wearing Contacts can lead to mild eye conditions and in the most serious cases, blindness, so always ensure you follow these helpful good hygiene tips every day for optimal eye health.

Wash Your Hands

It may sound a bit basic, but good eye hygiene begins with washing your hands. A simple rinse is not enough. Washing your hands with hot water and antibacterial hand soap is the best way to ensure your hands are properly cleaned before touching your Contact Lenses or your eye. For those that have dirty nails, use a nail brush while washing to get grit out from under nails as well.

Change Solution Daily

Being thrifty has its place and we should always work to maximize the use of what we purchase, but that is not something to practice with Contact Lens solution. If you are using Multi-Day usage for Contacts, then you need to clean, store and lubricate your lenses. Cleaning and Storage Solutions should be changed daily regardless of how dirty you think your lenses are. Bacteria grows in a moist, warm environment and your Contact lens case can be a breeding ground for bacteria is not kept clean. Clean the case regularly and always use fresh, in date solution.

Wear Daily Disposable Contacts

The most hygienic way to wear Contacts is to use single use Daily Disposable Contact Lenses including MIRU 1 Day brand by Menicon & Extreme H2O DAILY brand by X-Cel Hydrogel Vision, so you can throw potential problems away at the end of the day.  Also, wearing dailies means that you always have a new clean lens every day which reduces the chances of putting problems bacteria or debris back in your eyes that can occur with Multi-Day use Contacts.

Clean Contacts Properly

Cleaning your lenses is important. New solution is essential. However, some people think that placing their Contacts in their mouths for a quick clean throughout the day is acceptable. It is not. Your mouth maintains, on average, over 1,000 types of bacteria and your eye is no place for any of it, so clean your lenses in a case with proper solution every time.

Lubricate Eyes the Right Way

Itchy, watery eyes can happen at any time, especially during allergy season. The best cleaning & storage solutions & eye drops for those that wear Contacts are designed to lubricate the eye when wearing Contact Lenses. When using lubricant eye drops, ensure that the drops are designed for specifically for Contact Lens wear & not expired by checking the date on the bottle.  Better safe than sorry when it comes to your eye’s health.

Annual Eye Exams

Prevention is key and proper hygiene will give you a significant boost in eye health, but you still need to see an eye doctor on a regular basis. An annual eye examination provides peace of mind to you and accounts for any changes in vision. Your doctor will be able to tell how well you are taking care of your eyes, so always practice good hygiene with Contact lenses.

Where to Get Quality Contact Lenses?

At Lens Experts, we want to help all Contacts wearers to have the cleanest and clearest vision possible, so we always encourage good eye hygiene.  Lens Experts makes it easy to order so you can change your lenses at the proper intervals and wearing time. We have the best brands available at affordable prices, so contact Lens Experts today. Do you need new Contacts?

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