Safety Tips for Contacts Wearers

Wearing Contacts frees you from the confines of traditional glasses. However, every Contacts wearer should understand that due to the fact that Contacts are affixed directly to the eye, certain precautions should be maintained. Here are the top safety tips for Contacts wearers in 2019.

Give Your Eyes a Time-Out from Wearing Contacts

Today we have many options in the world of Contacts. New Contacts have now been developed that allow for continual wear for up to 30 days without the need to take out the lenses like Air Optix NIGHT & DAY Aqua  by Alcon-CibaVision.  That is substantially important to those that may forget to take out their Contacts at the end of the day. If you are not wearing these specialized Contacts that are approved for long term overnight wear, then you should ensure that you take your lenses out before going to sleep for the night. Standard Contacts do not provide ample oxygen to the eye while sleeping and therefore must be taken out each night to provide enough Oxygen to the eyes.

Consider 1 Day Dailies Disposables

If you have a box of 30 to 90 lenses for each eye, then if you tear or lose a lens you have many replacements with 1 Day disposable lenses including DAILIES TOTAL 1, DAILIES TOTAL 1 MULTIFOCAL, Extreme H2O DAILY & SofLens DAILY DisposableIf you get pool water or something splashed in your eye, you can dispose of the lenses and replace very easily.

Use Contact Lens Friendly Eye Drops

When wearing Contacts, your eyes can, on occasion, feel dry and itchy. Eye drops can alleviate acute red and itchy eyes, but not all types should be used. Only eye drops recommended for Contacts wearers should be used when Contact Lenses are in your eyes.  Standard drops will not alleviate the irritation and can actually cause damage to your Contacts leading to possible serious eye infections.

Carry a Copy of Your Contacts Prescription

This might sound a little overly cautious but having a copy of your prescription on your person at all times ensures you never have to worry about being without Contacts since you cannot purchase Contact Lenses without a current matching Contacts Prescription. You will be especially thankful if you happen to go on an emergency trip out of town and lose your Contacts

Keep Solutions & Drops on Hand

It is highly recommended that you purchase multiple bottles of Contacts Storage & Cleaning Solution and Contacts Lubricating Drops. Certainly, have an ample supply at your home for nightly cleaning, but you might want to invest in a secondary bottle and Contacts case at job. A travel size bottle can also be purchased to keep with you at all times in a bag or in the vehicle. Ensure that you can always safely clean your lenses as tap water and sticking your lenses in your mouth for cleaning can ultimately cause serious eye infections.

Only Buy from Credible Online Retailers

Buying Contacts online is top way to purchase Contact lenses in 2019, but not all online retailers maintain the same level of quality. When shopping for where to purchase your Contacts from, Lens Experts has proven to be a leading online Contacts Retailer due to our fast shipping, affordable Contacts prices, the most knowledgeable and the best in filling Contacts Prescriptions accurately.   At Lens Experts, our commitment to excellence can be seen through our ever-growing library of available Contact lens brands and styles along with our hard to beat low prices. Have your Contacts shipped directly without ever leaving your home. Your brand, your prescription, your comfort is what Lens Experts looks to provide. Have you shopped for your Contacts with us Yet?

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