Tips to Get the Most Our of Your Contact Lenses

With more and more people embracing the freedom of Contacts, the need for education of patients about Contact Lenses is paramount. Sine we only get one pair of eyes, so it is in our best interests to take great care of our eyes. That also means taking great care of your Contact lenses. If you are new to Contacts, or just need to be refreshed, here is how to get the most out of every pair of Contacts you are prescribed.

Know if Your Contacts Are Inside Out

There is actually a right and wrong way to put in Contacts. They can become inside out from time to time in your cleaning solution or when taking them out to put in your eye. Putting them in backwards will lead to discomfort and sometimes cause your eyes to tear. Look carefully at your Contacts before placing them in your eye. If they are turned the right way, they will form a smooth cup. However, the wrong way will still form a cup, but the edges will look flared out. It is easy to tell if you look closely.

Keep Everything Clean

Good hygiene is among the most important aspects of wearing Contacts. Millions of people annually are affected by eye infections simply for lack of proper hygiene. Eye infections can happen quickly and with countless bacteria on every surface, your hands can be teaming with bacteria at any given time, so washing your hands before touching your eyes is highly beneficial. Also, always use Contacts solution to clean and/or rinse lenses. Using tap water or putting them in your mouth to clean them will likely cause an eye infection.

Invest in UV Protective Contacts

We have always heard of the harmful effects of UV rays and most people regularly apply sunscreen to protect their skin, but protecting your eyes is not as easy as simply smearing sunscreen on them. (Do not do that, it will hurt!) However, it remains a truth that our eyes need protection. It pays to ask a few questions when choosing the right type of Contacts for your eyes and one of those questions should always be if your preferred brand offers UV protection. Contacts companies are investing more than ever before and offering UV protective Contacts. At the very least, when out in the sun, use UV protective sunglasses to keep your eyes shielded from those harmful rays.

All ACUVUE brand contacts including Acuvue OASYS with TRANSITIONS Contacts & 1-Day Acuvue DEFINE Contacts  are made with Class 1 or Class 2 UV-blocking to protect against UV radiation causing harm to the cornea, lens (where cataracts form) and retina (where macular degeneration occurs).

Lens Experts

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