Wearing Contacts After Lasik Surgery

Wearing Contacts After Lasik Surgery

What You Need to Know About Lasik & Contacts After Lasik Surgery

Lasik surgery is always something that can be considered when you eyes are getting worse with every passing year. Many people fear Lasik surgery, but it continues to grow in popularity. In 2015, there were over 595,000 Lasik surgeries performed. That number rose to 718,000 surgeries in 2017 and today’s numbers are undoubtedly even higher.

Many people have a misconception about Lasik surgery. For those who undergo the surgery, it is common to believe your eyes will be perfect post-surgery. However, this notion is not actually true. Where most successful Lasik surgeries provide perfect 20/20 vision after completion, many other patients report less than perfect results. These people still must use glasses or better yet, get a new prescription on their Contacts. Thankfully, even though many people claim it is impossible, patients are now finding that successful Contacts use post-surgery is an option. Here are some things to understand about the process.

Take Time to Heal

After Lasik surgery, as with any surgery, there is a healing time. Healing times vary by depending on your eyes, how much rest you give them, and your body’s natural healing ability. You can expect an average healing time of two weeks.

Possible Dry Eyes

A common issue with Lasik surgery patients is persistent dry eyes. Once your doctor clears you and gives you your Contacts prescription, you may experience an increase in dry eye symptoms. Post Lasik Dry Eyes can last an average of three months as your eyes continue to adjust and heal. Remember to keep an excellent supply of eye drops & Contacts can be designed & prescribed to reduce this problem. You may have to apply eye drops often throughout the day to maintain total comfort post Lasik with or without Contacts.


Post Lasik patients can experience halos during the patient’s adjustment period of 3 to 12 months, or it can be due to Post Lasik Dry Eyes.  These halos experienced can occur more frequently night & noticed more frequently when driving. Do not be alarmed, just simply be cautious about driving at night and try to relax while experiencing halos knowing that it is part of the recovery process & hopefully will diminish over time.

Keep Doctor Appointments

One of the best things you can do to ensure you can wear Contacts after Lasik surgery is to keep all your eye doctor appointments. Your doctor will be your best resource for information on post-surgery needs. Ask plenty of questions and listen to your doctor’s advice. They will either recommend Contacts or provide another solution to your continued vision concerns. Keeping those appointments provides the best success for healing and Contacts use.

Lens Experts

When you do decide on Contacts after Lasik surgery, you will need a great resource to purchase those lenses from. At Lens Experts, we have an ever-growing inventory of available Contact Lenses for all types.  Contacts that Lens Experts carries in stock that are made specifically to reduce Dry Eyes in post Lasik patients include Acuvue OASYS 1-DAY with HydraLuxe & Acuvue Oasys 1-Day for Astigmatism manufactured by Johnson & Johnson.


We inventory all Acuvue Products at Lens Experts & our prices are always competitive and by purchasing Contacts online, you can alleviate the struggle of going to the Doctors Office or local Optical place every time you need Contact Lenses. We make it all easy and affordable at Lens Experts. Do you need Contacts post Lasik surgery?

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