Which Famous Celebrities Wear Colored Contacts?

Colored Contacts are one the most highly searched categories of Contact Lenses on the internet due to tremendous interest in changing eye color with Contacts.  Like hair color, make-up and clothes, changing eye color with colored Contacts can provide a certain desired look or fashion statement. There is a lot of confusion on how and which brand or colored Contacts to order when contemplating changing or enhancing eye color.

Below is a list of just some of the celebrities that wear colored contact lenses to accent or boldly change their eye color:

  • Jennifer Anniston has natural brown eyes, but loves to wear blue colored Contact lenses.
  • Angelina Jolie eyes are naturally blue & enjoys using green colored Contacts.

  • Paris Hilton uses opaque grey colored Contact lenses changing her brown eye color to appear blue.
  • Kim Kardashian, wears dark blue color Contact Lenses that gives a her a striking eye color fashion look.

  • Tyra Banks has natural hazel eye color & has exotic looks with enhancing subtle green colored contacts.
  • Ivanka Trump switches from natural brown eyes to green colored contacts depending on outfits!

Other notable famous people who change and enhance eye color with Colored Contact Lenses for a fashion statement includes Selena Gomez, Amber Rose, Kanye West, Orlando Bloom, Hayden Panetiere, Halle Berry, Brandi Glanville, Tila Tequila and Robin Pattinson.

Change your eye color just like celebrities with the most popular & successful colored contacts on the market today including:

  • Air Optix Colors Contacts – Colored Contact Lenses that change dark or light eye colors by Alcon Ciba Vision uses the same Vibrant and Subtle Colored Contact Lens technology as FreshLook ColorBlends Colored Contacts. Air Optix Colored Contacts are made with a new more breathable 1 month replacement, extended wear lens material (made by Alcon-Ciba Vision). Air Optix colored Contacts include Air Optix Vibrant Colored Contacts Lens  of Brilliant Blue, Gemstone Green, Honey & Sterling Gray. Air Optix Subtle Colored Contacts include Pure Hazel, Blue, Gray, Green & Brown.
Air Optix Color Contacts Air Optix Color Contacts
  • FreshLook ColorBlends Colored Contacts – Colored Contact Lenses that change dark or light eye colors are an opaque Colored Contacts style manufactured by Alcon Ciba Vision.  FreshLook ColorBlends Subtle Colors include Blue, Green, Gray, Brown, Honey, Turquoise, Amethyst, Pure Hazel, True Sapphire. FreshLook ColorBlends Vibrant Colored Contacts that change all eye colors with colored contacts including Sterling Gray, Brilliant Blue, and Gemstone Green. FreshLook ColorBlends Colored Contacts are 2-week replacement disposables recommended for daily wear.

FreshLook ColorBlends Contact Lenses

  • FreshLook Colors Contacts – Colored Contact Lenses that change dark or light eye colors to completely different bold colors of Blue, Green, Violet and Hazel. FreshLook Colors are Colored Contacts that are 2-week disposable replacement for daily wear. FreshLook Colors Colored Contact Lenses were one of the first Colored Contacts available on the market many decades ago. FreshLook Colors Contacts are opaque type Colored Contacts made by Alcon Ciba Vision.


  • Freshlook DimensionsColored Contacts that enhance light eye colors using colored contacts colors of Caribbean Aqua, Pacific Blue and Sea Green to brighten and freshen up light colored eyes.  FreshLook Dimensions Colored Contacts are made of an opaque type color enhancement style Colored Contact Lenses.

  • 1-Day Acuvue Define Colored Contacts – by Johnson & Johnson has developed unique technology for Acuvue Define that creates a Sparkle, Accent, Accent, Shimmer, Shine or Vivid effect that enhances the appearance of the color eyes like colored contacts.  Acuvue Define 1-Day Contact Lenses are daily disposable colored contacts enhancing eye color lenses that have a most natural look as it creates a different interesting look that makes your own eye color look more appealing!

Get a Contacts exam from your Doctor for Colored Contact Lenses. Use your Contacts Prescription to order the colored contacts colors to change your eye color like famous stars!


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