Your Contact Lens Guide -What You Need to Know Before Choosing Your Lenses

Contact lenses offers many benefits to those that switch from Glasses.  Current numbers indicate that well over 150 million people worldwide have made the switch to the convenience of Contacts with more embracing them daily. However popular Contact Lenses have become, some people still remain focused on eyeglasses. Let us help you make the switch today. Here is what you need to know before choosing the Contacts that are best for your eyes.

There are Many Varieties to Choose From

One of the more daunting aspects for new Contact Lens users to contend with is the sheer volume of options to choose from. Contacts used to merely come in a few varieties, but with advancements in new materials and attributes for virtually all types of eyes, options are seemingly endless. Do some research on your own and become knowledgeable on the latest types of Contact Lenses that you might be interested in before your exam so you can discuss with your Eye Doctor. They will consult you on the level of moisture necessary for your eyes and any condition you contend with. Toric Lenses for Astigmatism, Multifocal Contact Lens, standard soft spherical Contacts, and many more are available for your eyes.

How Long Do You Wish to Wear Lenses?

Contact Lenses today are available in a range of options for every type of wearer. Choosing Contacts right for you will include choosing how long you want to wear the lenses. Varieties of Contact lenses include daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and even extended wear Contacts. Daily Contact Lenses including DAILIES Total 1 & AquaComfort Plus are ideal for those who would rather toss lenses daily instead of cleaning them regularly. Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly lenses must be cleaned nightly, and extended wear Contacts are typically approved for up to 7 consecutive days but some Contacts including Air Optix NIGHT & DAY Aqua can actually be worn for up to 30 days without the need to remove the lenses for sleeping. But of course, when in doubt, throw them out!

Color or no Color?

Color Contact lenses are excellent for those that are not happy with their natural eye color or are simply looking for a change. Choices here include a complete and drastic change to the eye color or a slight enhancement. Subtle changes to your eye color allow for more of a contrast with your current eye color like 1-Day Acuvue DEFINE Natural Accent, Shine, Vivid eye color enhancements that are ideal for those looking to simply boost the look of their eyes.  Other more drastic eye color changing Contacts like FreshLook COLORS & Air Optix COLORS are saturated with color that blends with your current color to bring your eyes to the hue and color you desire. Always purchase color Contacts from a credible resource with a prescription. Costume contact lenses are not regulated by the FDA and have been known to cause serious eye infections.

Lens Experts

At Lens Experts we help people everyday find the right Contacts for their eyes.  Lens Experts Contact Lenses Inventory includes trusted brands such as Acuvue, Air Optix, and many others to choose from. No matter what you need, Lens Experts has it and ordering from us will save you time and money. No need to wait for the pharmacy to renew your prescription. Schedule your purchases with us and never run out of Contact lenses again. We are here for you and so is vast inventory of available brands and styles to choose from. Do you need new Contacts and a great place to buy them from?

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